Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update changes on the BLOG!


Hey guys, i created this blog a few days ago to get my idea's out there and hopefully entertain a few of you. But Today im really busy so ill post an invention later (gotta think of one too)  But i made a few small changes. I got rejected by adsense for whatever reason so i signed up for adbrite (banners on the side) and Kontera ( the highlighted text) Any ways im testing out these guys and ill let you know how easy, friendly they are. I also signed up for the search engines and used pinggoat to for hopefully more traffic. But the best way to get traffic is from my followers. So let others know and Ill try my best to keep this blog Updated Daily with interesting news, inventions (ideas) and Holidays. Thanks again.

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  1. That picture is so crazy, they keep changing direction