Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Future Driving System.

Now ive noticed more and more since ive been driving for 6 years now that  when people get pulled over for speeding or for other violations that it seems to slow down traffic to a crawl or even to a stop.  So i decided that instead of having a cop pull you over all the time that inside your car you have a system that "warns" you when you go 5mph over the posted speed limit.  Now this would involve GPS tracking of the car so it knows what road and where the street lights are and were the stop signs are etc... Once the car warns you that your speeding if you increase you speed over  10mph it issues you a points deduction. If you go any faster it will dispatch the police to your current location(Unless its private property). It will also deduct points depending on the traffic violation. Each time it deducts points it will inform you when you shut the car off and will let you know your remaining balance when you turn the car on. You can get points by first getting your license and then any endorsements, then Driver improvement classes etc.... If you get points deducted you will also be able to go online and check when you got points deducted and why, for example it could say. "Excess speed of 53mph in 45 on Mainstreet 9/1/2010 at 8:46:40am" and then will have a link where you can claim that this is false and you can try to fight it. Once you run out of points and have an expended license you can no longer start a car. Because before you can start any car you will give the car your license like if it was an ATM, it will then hold onto the license until you turn off the car. So if your car is stolen or Hijacked it will easily be tracked down and the suspects apprehended.  This system is not perfect but to me it seems like we can reduce alot of things, like Paper use, Fuel consumption (no cops pulling you over and you dont have to stop), TIME (no more being late just keep going), and best of all Lives, no more Police Dying by getting struck by a car, no more innocent individuals beat down and tazed for a simple traffic stop.

Well thats my "idea" of how the future could turn out. I personally hope not because it basiclly makes it so you cant get away with breaking traffic laws. Which is by no means bad but it ruins peoples fun and people will more than likely complain of lack of privacy which this system could easily be considered just another GPS.
Hope you enjoyed reading and look forward to your comments. This is just an idea and i dont full support it lol.

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