Monday, September 6, 2010

Jeffys Trip To Busch Gardens!

So yesterday i got bored of chilling in the same spots smoking up, and decided to go to busch gardens and fuck some shit up. Anyways as i was routing to busch gardens We  came up with a plan to get to the front of the line. My friend told me that he had his moms old wheel chair in the back of his car. ( We use this for down hill races) So we roll up to busch gardens and he is rolling around in this beat up wheel chair and everyone is staring at him. So we ignore the people staring and we start heading for the Griffen. As we were approaching a group of younger kids probally 8-10 years old started following us laughing at my friend in the wheel chair. So he stoped and turned around and stood up and threatened to beat their face in. Then two of the kids proceeded to pull out guns one was a UZI the other was a sawed off shotgun. My friend quickly recognized those kids as not kids but MINI NINJAS and they were packing more heat then  a Orphanage burning down.  So I quickly remember that im not a Human I am the Savoir  Jesus Crisp (Jesus Christs step brother) and smited those kids off the face off my earth. If you read this far post (Super neato) in the comment field so i know whats good lol.


  1. cool post!!
    i like your blog
    supportin & follow you bro!;)

  2. went to busch gardens once in 1980 lol!

  3. that's a super neato excursion you had there. i would have been phased by the ninjas. new follower