Monday, September 6, 2010

Jeffys Trip To Busch Gardens!

So yesterday i got bored of chilling in the same spots smoking up, and decided to go to busch gardens and fuck some shit up. Anyways as i was routing to busch gardens We  came up with a plan to get to the front of the line. My friend told me that he had his moms old wheel chair in the back of his car. ( We use this for down hill races) So we roll up to busch gardens and he is rolling around in this beat up wheel chair and everyone is staring at him. So we ignore the people staring and we start heading for the Griffen. As we were approaching a group of younger kids probally 8-10 years old started following us laughing at my friend in the wheel chair. So he stoped and turned around and stood up and threatened to beat their face in. Then two of the kids proceeded to pull out guns one was a UZI the other was a sawed off shotgun. My friend quickly recognized those kids as not kids but MINI NINJAS and they were packing more heat then  a Orphanage burning down.  So I quickly remember that im not a Human I am the Savoir  Jesus Crisp (Jesus Christs step brother) and smited those kids off the face off my earth. If you read this far post (Super neato) in the comment field so i know whats good lol.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


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Its a friend of mines blog, be sure to Follow and Comment!

Googles One Number (my review)

If you do not already know internet giant google is attempting to "re-invent" the phone. This large undertaking is all but complicated, well atleast thats the whole re-invention part is making it less complicated.  In this post ill break down interesting features and the benefit of using Google's one number.

First its free calling in the United states and Canada and cheap international, i would not use this unless you wanted to call United states or Canada or lived in those country's.  The one number is fun and easy to setup google lets your choose a number with any area code and any words or numbers. So you could technically do 1(832)-The-Game and if it is Available then you can "claim" that number. Now this sounds great but the variations of words and spellings combined with availability makes it so finding the perfect number or the number you want difficult because alot of numbers are in use or cant be used. Now after you made your number your wondering "does this mean people have to call my computer or email?" Yes they "can" but google didnt stop there they made it so you can use it as your one number. So any existing phone like your cellphone can be setup to receive the calls by having them forwarded to any number you would like.

SMS! Now we all have noticed a great deal of texting going on which is why its no surprise google is also. They call it SMS to email. So if someone texts your google one number  it can be forwarded to your phone or to your google voice account (which is in your gmail) and you can even reply from your computer. FOR FREE!

Personalized Voice Mail greetings! Now you can have personal Messages depending on who is calling. This is useful if you want to have a formal message for your work and have a funny or informal one for your friends and family. This all can be done from your google one voice menu. This works for individual numbers or you can group people and do it for a group.

Voicemail transcript! Google has this feature where if you get a voice message you can read it as text so you dont have to listen to it. This would be nice in a meeting or in a movie but i will sucker punch who ever i see doing this in a movie theater.  You can also check it in your google voice account online.

Blocking Calls! Got an ex that wont stop calling? Just block her number from your google voice account. its that simple and she can no longer bother you.

Now one of the cooler calling features i will post the video because i found it to complicated to really explain into text.

With all these cool features and it all being free it seems that it couldn't hurt but to try it out and use it! All you need is a gmail account and 15 minutes of free time to full utilize this Awesome phone.

Friday, September 3, 2010

How to get more traffic to your blog!

This will be a list in which you should do everyday in order to bring as much traffic as you can to your blog for free.

You first need to Sign up for search engines.  Go to google, yahoo, and msn and submit your site. This will speed up the process of the search engines putting you in there automatically.

Then COMMENT AND FOLLOW! I know it sounds obvious but if you do this everyday to all the blogs you follow then you greatly increase your chances to be seen and to attract more and more visitors and then eventually your followers.  In every comment post your blogs link.

And use  every day. 

you can always search youtube for your favorite song while you comment on all the blogs your following everyday. To speed up the proccess go to your dashboard on your blog and click manage on the blogs your following. Then Middle mouse click each link and it will open it in tabs, that way you can quickly go through all the blogs your following and read their updated post and comment! Dont forget to link your blog!

Hurricane Hits!

Hurricane Earl is Now approaching where i live and its already raining pretty hard with some wind. Ill be taking pictures with my Droid X to show you some of the damage that is happening to my Area.  I live barely above sea level and most the places around me are below sea level and in swamp lands to flooding should be good!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Update changes on the BLOG!


Hey guys, i created this blog a few days ago to get my idea's out there and hopefully entertain a few of you. But Today im really busy so ill post an invention later (gotta think of one too)  But i made a few small changes. I got rejected by adsense for whatever reason so i signed up for adbrite (banners on the side) and Kontera ( the highlighted text) Any ways im testing out these guys and ill let you know how easy, friendly they are. I also signed up for the search engines and used pinggoat to for hopefully more traffic. But the best way to get traffic is from my followers. So let others know and Ill try my best to keep this blog Updated Daily with interesting news, inventions (ideas) and Holidays. Thanks again.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Future Driving System.

Now ive noticed more and more since ive been driving for 6 years now that  when people get pulled over for speeding or for other violations that it seems to slow down traffic to a crawl or even to a stop.  So i decided that instead of having a cop pull you over all the time that inside your car you have a system that "warns" you when you go 5mph over the posted speed limit.  Now this would involve GPS tracking of the car so it knows what road and where the street lights are and were the stop signs are etc... Once the car warns you that your speeding if you increase you speed over  10mph it issues you a points deduction. If you go any faster it will dispatch the police to your current location(Unless its private property). It will also deduct points depending on the traffic violation. Each time it deducts points it will inform you when you shut the car off and will let you know your remaining balance when you turn the car on. You can get points by first getting your license and then any endorsements, then Driver improvement classes etc.... If you get points deducted you will also be able to go online and check when you got points deducted and why, for example it could say. "Excess speed of 53mph in 45 on Mainstreet 9/1/2010 at 8:46:40am" and then will have a link where you can claim that this is false and you can try to fight it. Once you run out of points and have an expended license you can no longer start a car. Because before you can start any car you will give the car your license like if it was an ATM, it will then hold onto the license until you turn off the car. So if your car is stolen or Hijacked it will easily be tracked down and the suspects apprehended.  This system is not perfect but to me it seems like we can reduce alot of things, like Paper use, Fuel consumption (no cops pulling you over and you dont have to stop), TIME (no more being late just keep going), and best of all Lives, no more Police Dying by getting struck by a car, no more innocent individuals beat down and tazed for a simple traffic stop.

Well thats my "idea" of how the future could turn out. I personally hope not because it basiclly makes it so you cant get away with breaking traffic laws. Which is by no means bad but it ruins peoples fun and people will more than likely complain of lack of privacy which this system could easily be considered just another GPS.
Hope you enjoyed reading and look forward to your comments. This is just an idea and i dont full support it lol.

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