Friday, September 3, 2010

How to get more traffic to your blog!

This will be a list in which you should do everyday in order to bring as much traffic as you can to your blog for free.

You first need to Sign up for search engines.  Go to google, yahoo, and msn and submit your site. This will speed up the process of the search engines putting you in there automatically.

Then COMMENT AND FOLLOW! I know it sounds obvious but if you do this everyday to all the blogs you follow then you greatly increase your chances to be seen and to attract more and more visitors and then eventually your followers.  In every comment post your blogs link.

And use  every day. 

you can always search youtube for your favorite song while you comment on all the blogs your following everyday. To speed up the proccess go to your dashboard on your blog and click manage on the blogs your following. Then Middle mouse click each link and it will open it in tabs, that way you can quickly go through all the blogs your following and read their updated post and comment! Dont forget to link your blog!